Mission and Vision


The steps that we are resolved to take so as to achieve our long run goals are

To provide our students with a good theoretical background in terms of curriculum continually updated to the world standards and support the educational activities by organizing visits to the regional firms and inviting experienced guest lecturers or experts therefrom to our classes,

To hold periodical meetings with the students to exchange information about their complaints and demands as well as the future plans of the administration, and thus to strengthen the students’ sense of belonging to our school,

To set the grounds and the means for enabling the students to gain the additional practical qualifications that are required in real life by organizing certificate courses geared towards the needs of the business world in cooperation with the experts from the field,

To encourage the students to participate in the clubs for social activities and to give them every support within our capacity, believing that sharing both responsibility and success in teamwork awards them with self confidence and this, in turn, facilitates their adaptation to the business world, and

To establish close cooperation with the regional industry.


Our long run goal is to evolve into one of the most prominent faculties in Turkey;

With our transparent administration that values exchange of views with the academic and administrative units at all levels and that makes its decisions in accordance with the principles solidified through past experiences,

With our qualified academics that study under an atmosphere of close collaboration as well as productive competition, that not only keep up with the literature in their fields of study but also contribute to it by means of the publications they make and that bolster the development of the regional industry by carrying on the relevant research activities and educational services,

With our students who are conscious of the fact that the administration is always considerate towards their complaints, demands and opinions, who believe that they are being well educated, who are well aware of their strengths and weaknesses, who can think critically rather than memorize and readily accept whatever facts and knowledge they are formally taught, who can, through their intellectual curiosity and professional skills, identify and find out the correct solutions to problems, last but not least, who know that learning is a lifelong process in which they must take part permanently.