About Faculty

Karabük University School of Economics and Administrative Sciences is increasing its reputation at national level as a leading provider of contemporary business education.
We strive to be an inspirational and challenging academic environment in-step with the University’s plan to produce self-motivated, independent, life-long learners who are readily employable in graduate-level posts.
A powerful academic research culture keeps the School relevant, informs course development and benefits the business community locally, nationally and internationally. Our consultancy to business has aided the profitability and market position of many of the organisations with which we work.
The Business School continues to grow in these challenging times, building on established excellence and continual development in:
  • Courses being academically-led and geared to the professions
  • Enhancing the student learning experience
  • Creating a modern learning environment driven by the latest technologies
  • Focusing on a curriculum geared to the global economy
  • Increasing support for entrants with different educational backgrounds
  • Delivering leading-edge courses to fit in with modern lifestyles
  • Developing a case-study approach to education
  • Enabling students to be responsible for their learning and career development
  • Integrating strong links between the School and the business community
  • Being the first point of contact for expert comment.
  • We look forward to you being part of this exceptional community.